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Eszter Nyári — Budapest, Hungary

"Good designers have their own style, but great designers can apply their style to every type of project. You don’t have to do the same thing every time and become boring. If you’re good, your work can be diverse and recognisable at the same time. I always try to match the needs of the client and the requirements of the situation with my professionalism and knowledge."

Currently still a design student at the KREA Contemporary Arts Institute in Budapest, Eszter Nyári has already been doing graphic-design work for three years. She has always been in love with drawing and illustration and has recently become more involved in the applied arts. Since she started art school she has worked on various projects such as logos, branding, stationery and editorial design for digital and print media. Besides working outside college as a part-time freelance designer, Nyári does a lot of experimenting with typography and calligraphy. She is aiming to become a truly multi-faceted creative!

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