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Fabian de Lange — Heerlen, Netherlands

“Typical Dutch design is straight-to-the-point, characterised by simplicity and clarity. If you look back, you’ll find that Wim Crouwel was one of the biggest influences in Dutch graphic design – his work is timeless. It’s very similar to Swiss design, based on grids, typography and asymmetrical layouts, but with more ‘guts’; when you think of Swiss design, you immediately think of Helvetica, while Dutch design is more experimental. But Dutch graphic design is tougher to characterise nowadays than it has been in the past.”

Fabian de Lange is a freelance multi-disciplinary designer and illustrator specialising in custom typography and lettering. He currently resides and works in Heerlen in the country’s southernmost province and has work experience in different aspects of design, collaborating with clients such as Volkswagen, British Airways, MTV and Disney.

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