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Forth + Back — Nikolos Killian & Tanner Woodbury — Los Angeles, USA

What are the challenges to foil stamping? “To name a few: colour matching, bleed problems, as well as layering issues that can arise from the colours you use and the materials you use them on. However, these challenges are what make print projects different from digital and hopefully more memorable. We love using foil stamping and similar stamp processes because of the impression they leave (pun intended) on the people that physically interact with these pieces on a more personal level than, say, digital.”

Forth + Back is a multi-disciplinary design studio based in Los Angeles, founded by Nikolos Killian and Tanner Woodbury. They have worked with clients such as Apple, Pinterest, Crown Royal, Moncler, Sonos and Harper Collins. Collectively, the studio aspires to “stay curious and continually share [our] curiosities with others”.

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