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Geray Gencer — Istanbul, Turkey

“The poster was a 19th-century creation, which, as with newspapers, radio and cinema, became one of the pioneer examples of mass communication. Over the last decade or so, improvements in the area of information technologies have re-defined the meaning of these conventional mass media and continue to do so. Our generation has witnessed the shifting from print-based media to screen-based digital media. These technologies extend and enhance our cognitive capabilities in a number of ways, so we produce more and more digital posters and we share them on social media, but we still need printed posters on street walls. They are easily accessible and powerfully informative. As long as cities, with their buildings and streets, exist, posters will survive.”

Geray Gencer is a designer based in Istanbul. His primary area of interest is cultural projects with a strong typographic influence, feeding on the mutual areas of art and design. His projects have been exhibited by several organisations and biennials organised by well-established international institutions. His work has been accepted by the Wilanów Poster Museum Collection, Graphis and NY Type Directors’ Club annuals, and has won awards from the GMK, AIGA, AGDA, Graphis, the NY Type Directors’ Club and European Design. He is on the board of directors of the Turkish Graphic Designers’ Association (GMK) and is a lecturer at Işık University Visual Communication Department. His recent clients include Red Bull, GQ – Turkey, Egmont Publishing, the British Council, Istanbul Art News and Design Bridge, UK.

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