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Grundini – Peter Grundy — London, UK

Information graphics are often dry and uninviting and how to make over-dosed informative data look visually attractive in a minimalist style is a challenging task for most designers. Peter Grundy, however, is one with the rare ability to take complex and sometimes perplexing information and present it as a series of simple but elegant visual messages through his illustrations.

Peter Grundy and Tilly Northedge met at the Royal College of Art in the late 70s where they became interested in a visual communication that explained rather than sold things. In 1980 they started a studio to do information design in a new and creative way which they called Grundy & Northedge. In 2006 Peter started Grundini and a year later wrote an eponymous book that set out the terms that he felt encompassed the new era, venturing beyond information and into branding and advertising.

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