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Guayabo — Belo Horizonte, Brazil

What is your favourite speciality in printing production? “We have experimented with engraving, risograph, silkscreen, stencil, typography, sublimation, UV printing, tampography, embossing, foil, die-cut, letterpress, rubber stamping, off-set and digital printing and cannot choose a favourite among them. When we pick a printing method, we consider two main criteria: the visual and material aspects resulting from the selected technique, in other words, its sensory qualities and how they will interact with the concepts of our design. The second is the viability of the production. We weigh the client’s budget, the number of copies we are willing to make, the amount of time we have available, and so on.”

Founded in 2015, Guayabo is a design studio focusing on visual identity, editorial design and UI. Its main clients are cultural organisations, academic entities, social movements and small businesses.

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