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Here Design — London, UK

“Redesigning the packaging for Lego would be a dream project. We would love to re-think their packaging to be just as functional, modular and fun as the product. Imagine packaging that can be connected just like Lego bricks. Lego sets housed in cloth pouches that can be used to store that helicopter once it has been smashed back into its component parts — an innovative use of recycled materials. Lego could regard its packaging design as part of the product, used to enrich the playing experience, rather than just deferring to the easiest logistical option.”

Here is a company of thinkers, writers, designers and makers working together “to create beautiful and useful things”. “As a studio,” it says, “we deliberately work across a wide range of projects with the firm belief that it makes us better designers. Regardless of whether we are designing a book, bottle or exhibition, our intention is to create rich and engaging visual worlds that bring brands to life in three dimensions.”

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