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Ionut Bondoc — London, UK

“I have devised an app that uses voice analysis to help people increase self-awareness, improve relationships and enjoy better health. The interaction is minimal and almost invisible to the user – it gathers data from calls and in the background it analyses your stress level. Following each call, the app presents the user with a visual representation of the intensity and stress type detected during their call, ranging from a calm green to a very intense red and several shades in between; as well as a short description of their mindset during the call. Users can also access a dashboard showing how their results fare over time.”

Ionut Bondoc is a product designer based in London, who has spent the last three years travelling the world working on projects in Sweden, Romania, the UK and the US. He has experience in design for computer and mobile interactions, and even for car infotainment interactions. He has been in the business for about 10 years. He says: “I consider myself a designer driven by the thrill of creating stunning products and exceptional user experiences – quality and innovation are my primary focus. I believe that each product I design needs to be innovative, smart and beautiful to touch/feel and use, and I’m always looking for clients who think the same. I’m skilled both at interaction and visual design, so I can create a web page or web application that is not only visually appealing, but also easy to use, innovative and successful.”

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