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Istvan Szugyiczky — Budapest, Hungary

"I always try to include some 'sacrality', or sacredness, in my work, as I believe that design doesn’t have to be only about shapes, colours and decoration. I've never felt that 'design' is something very different from 'art'. If I wanted to dramatically simplify the formula, I could say that the 'artist' confronts the problem, whereas the 'designer' moves along with it."

Istvan Szugyiczky is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts with an MA in graphic design. He has worked for several design agencies as an art director for such heavyweight clients as Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Audi, Nikon and Adidas. He also loves to make posters for charity organisations and various events and these have been featured in poster exhibitions globally and high-exposure publications such as Computer Arts and related projects. He is also keen on illustrated typography and lettering, composing works in a wide range of mediums on a worldwide scale.

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