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Kid Acne — Sheffield, UK

“The driving force for me is to have a narrative through each piece of my work. There’s a lot of ‘cool’ or hip-hop graphic design which doesn’t say anything. For me I always like to have a narrative in the image, the same with my lyrics. Rapping for me is an alternative to animation - you’re presenting imagery to people. If its recorded well enough and you’re convincing in your voice then you can give people images to visualise.”

Sheffield based artist KID ACNE is best known for his comic-like illustrations and larger-than-life slogans. His epic murals and intricate wheat-pastes can be found across the planet, from Baku to Beijing, Milan to Miami, Sheffield to São Paulo. When KID ACNE is not drawing, you will find him making music with his rap group MONGRELS, alongside lifelong friend DJ Benjamin.

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