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Léo Alexandre — Montpellier, France

“The trend is modern and geometric. Very influenced by the Bauhaus or Mid-Century Modern. And it’s true that we see a lot of patterns from very refined geometric shapes in branding projects. This trend inspired me, but I wanted to make the shapes a little more complex, add texture and use vintage colours rather than the bright colours that have been used a lot lately.”

Originally from the Basque-Landes coast, Léo Alexandre grew up by the ocean, where his parents chose to instill in him a taste for art and a mixture of cultures. Evolving in an environment conducive to creation, he has experimented with various artistic media, such as drawing, engraving, graffiti, music, video, 3D and animation. Since graduating from the Superior School Of Art in Aix-en-Provence in June 2019, he has been self-employed as an illustrator and graphic designer.

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