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Lewis McGuffie — Tallinn, Estonia

“I recently re-made an old font of mine called Cindie Mono — the update is called Cindie 2. The original idea for the font came from the monospaced letters used on medical opticians’ charts. I found the simplicity of the letters and the scientific approach to legibility interesting. The update of Cindie 2 has a hand-drawn script face also. This is quite random, and is just my handwriting with a brush calligraphy pen. The monospaced sans of Cindie 2 and the script contrast so much, I think they look really interesting and energetic.”

Lewis McGuffie is a type designer from the UK. He graduated in typeface design from Reading University, winning the Granshan Grand Prize for non-Latin scripts, and was a finalist in the Morisawa Typeface Design Competition (Latin category). His typeface Tusker is the brand font for the England Rugby team. He has a very cute dog called Bob.

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