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Louisa Boyd — Chester, UK

Her tips on making special print designed works, originality of thought and process are essential elements when producing any new artwork. The key is to be innovative and to try and consider what hasn't been done before. By combining different technical skills, often something new can be created.

Louisa Boyd won two awards for her artist’s books relating to landscapes, The Paperchase Future of Design Award and a high commendation from the judges of ‘The New Designer of the Year’. She has since worked as an artist exhibiting both nationally and internationally and selling her paintings, prints and artist’s books to private collectors through galleries. To Lousia a good print work is: a print works best when it has a strong concept behind it, a theme or an idea that comes across with the finished piece of work. She also thinks that it is visually interesting to introduce layering into an image as it produces a feeling of depth in the piece's aesthetic quality.

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