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Marcos Moronell — Buenos Aires, Argentina

What is the attraction of collages and montages? “To give new meaning to images that already exist: combine, manipulate and intervene them to create a totally different concept and express feelings visually. It’s a very free and diverse technique. I’m a lover of the vintage aesthetic. Usually, I use images from the ’20s to the ’60s, decontextualizing them to create a new scenario to be able to transmit the idea that I have in my mind.”

Marcos Moronell is an Argentinian graphic designer, llustrator, digital artist and musician. He divides his time between the visual arts and music. In his collages he usually composes narrative scenes that tell a story, a conceptual idea through surrealism with touches of sarcasm and irony to reinforce the message — always under a vintage/retro aesthetic, or what he terms retro futurism.

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