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Mihajlo Jakovljev — Serbia

“You can either cultivate your style and apply it to any brief, or fully adapt to the assignment at hand. There is no right answer, and finding the right balance is difficult at first. There’s a discrepancy between supply and demand in this niche industry. On the one hand, there’s a plethora of incredibly talented information designers. On the other hand, many small and large clients still don't think about these things. It’s simply a sign of the times. I have no doubt that eventually, having information designers on your team will be an indispensable asset.”

Mihajlo Jakovljev is an MA, LM, Political Scientist specialising in the field of Digital Political Participation. Furthermore, he is a freelance graphic designer with 10 years of professional experience specialising in logo and branding information design and data visualisations.

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