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Nick Edlin — Melbourne, Australia

Coca-Cola Life is a low-sugar, Stevia-sweetened drink that attempts to plug into the healthy-food movement. So Coke has predictably chosen the colour green and employed a script typeface for it. This poses two problems: one, the colour clashes badly with the other products in its range, which all use a red, white, silver and black palette. Two, the Coca-Cola logo is a script typeface and we all know that using two different cursive fonts together is almost impossible to pull off! Instead of a tree-green, I feel that a bright, sun-yellow would have sat within the range better and it could have tied in nicely to a summer-themed launch. As for the typeface, a monoline cursive or rounded san-serif font would have been a much better choice. A slightly retro-looking typeface would work well for the intended target market.

Nick Edlin is a Melbourne-based graphic designer with more than a decade of industry experience. Having grown up in an advertising family, his design style is firmly planted within the concept-first approach. However, a great idea is so much more effective when executed well, he believes, and he has a keen eye for typography, colour and illustration. He is passionate about good design... and good beards.

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