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oraviva! – Luísa Beato, Nuno Campos — Porto, Portugal

"For us, design is very playful – we love to work with clients from very different fields and 'dress up' accordingly, metaphorically speaking – we don’t like to put on the same clothes every day, so design allows us to do just that. We also get a lot of satisfaction from the process of organising ideas and communication for our clients, both visually and verbally. In our context, the biggest challenge, probably, is to manage projects with very limited resources."

oraviva! is a Porto-based design studio with a multi-disciplinary vision of putting authentic characters within a human approach to communication design. The studio aims to utilise the very best visual expression and media in each message. Its team of two stands for tailoring customised communication solutions for individualised identity. By organising ideas both verbally and visually, Oraviva! manages to come up with the ideal combination of images and text to produce the most appropriate messages for its wide variety of clients.

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