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Paul-Henri Masson & Matthieu Escande — Paris, France

No one could resist Le chocolat des Français, not only because it is a delicious chocolate bar that is 100% made in France, but also because of its appearance. A cheerful and colourful melting pot, a profusion of disparate pictures, which nevertheless work very well together. Surely, they made packaging that no one would have the heart to throw away.

When Paul-Henri Masson and Matthieu Escande, decided to make a visual identity for this chocolate, they wanted to stand out is 100% made in France, so they contacted fifty French artists including Marie Assénat, Serge Bloch, Edith Carron, Gaston Lapoyade… to give this French-made chocolate new packaging, with each having only one brief; to completely evoke ‘France’.

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