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Perrine Honore — Barcelona, Spain

“I use a similar process on paper as on the wall. I paint with acrylic paint, the style and colour palette is pretty much the same. I would say that the biggest difference is the amplification of the drawing. I do not usually use a particular method; sometimes I make a grid, but mostly I draw straight onto the wall, being open to last-minute spontaneous changes or adjustments.”

Perrine Honoré is a French illustrator and muralist who has studied fashion design (Sweden), graphic design (Paris) and earned a master’s degree in design and communication (Barcelona). Illustration is the field in which she feels most comfortable as it allows her more freedom to express herself. She works in many other fields, such as street art, textile pattern, art direction, posters, branding, jewellery, etc. Through a festive and colourful aesthetic, she builds a critical universe “where madness and spontaneity prevail”.

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