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Rafael Neder — Belo Horizonte, Brazil

“I’m really interested in the crossroads between analogue and digital technology. Letterpress is a good place to practise these intersections. The materiality of movable types fascinates me to the point of creating new dies in CNC, laser or even 3D printing to be able to experiment with new types in the press.”

Rafael Neder (born 1980) is a designer, professor and researcher. He holds a degree in graphic design from the University of the State of Minas Gerais (2003), and an MA in design from the Anhembi-Morumbi University (2014). Focused on the crossroads between design, society and technology (analogue and digital), his main activities are in communication design, type design and UX design. He teaches design and typography to undergraduate and graduate students in Belo Horizonte and São Paulo and has won awards in several national and international design competitions. His work has been published in Brazil, Europe, the US and China.

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