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Ronda Studio — Buenos Aires, Argentina

“The challenge is usually to find a balance between creating a character that conveys what the client needs and at the same time fits the style of the studio and the illustrator. We work a lot on the idea of the story that we want to tell, no matter how minimal. In this process, images appear in our heads that we end up materializing. We attach great importance to this stage and consider it essential. The firmer that first step is, the better for everything that comes later. This helps us to concretize, to bring ideas and possible solutions down to reality.”

Ronda is an animation and design studio set up at the end of 2007 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, which cross-disciplines with illustrators, writers, art directors, photographers and visual artists to bring to life a huge number of characters and stories. “Characters that fly, laugh, dance, run, jump, talk, sing, skate and play. They swim, sunbathe and drink beer. They cry and even fall in love.”

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