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Shriftovik Type Foundry — Tikhon Reztcov — Moscow, Russia

“The SK Cynic font was inspired by the work of constructivists of the 20th century, industrial landscapes and digital ornaments. Curiosity motivated me: what will become of the material I collected? That’s how the SK Cynic font was created. Then it was polished and refined. The result is a product that will suit any designer or poster artist.”

Shriftovik Font Foundry was started a couple of years ago in Moscow. Its main focus in font development is the design of display, hand-written and decorative typefaces. The foundry focuses on creating multilingual font families — Cyrillic and Latin (Western, Central, South-Eastern), etc. The philosophy of the foundry is to promote font culture in Eastern European countries, develop and improve Cyrillic languages, and create completely new experimental typefaces. It is run by Tikhon Reztcov.

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