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Steed Taylor — Washington DC, USA

We live in a world of intense visual stimulation. Advertisements, graphic content and information are everywhere and becoming more pervasive; public and private spaces continue to become blurred. Visual art is a platform for social and cultural commentary helping us better understand our environment.

Born near Fayetteville, North Carolina, Steed Taylor believes that good street art makes excellent use of public space and grabs attention quickly. His own art has been shown around the country including at the Bronx Museum, the Mint Museum, the San Bernardino Country Museum and the Neuberger Museum of Art’s 2001 Biennial Exhibition of Public Art. Besides extensive showings in the New York metropolitan area, his solo exhibitions have included the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Ambrosino Gammery in Miami, Florida, and II Ponte Contemporanea in Rome, Italy.

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