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Steve Rura — New York, USA

“One of the first designers that made me aware of graphic design was Tibor Kalman. I saw some of his issues of Colors magazine at a young age, and was struck by his minimalist approach to editorial design. Many spreads were composed of just big, powerful images and bold, simple type. The best pages were boiled down to one pointed idea, expressed in a very blunt way, such as depicting Queen Elizabeth with brown skin and two words: ‘What if?’”

Steve Rura is currently working as creative lead at Google Creative Lab in New York City, where he helps visually and conceptually direct product design, marketing and advertising across the company. Before joining Google, he worked both independently and for various agencies as a graphic designer and art director under the alias Letters & Numbers, contributing to the output of clients such as Nike, Coca-Cola, Puma, Canon and FedEx.

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