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Stuart Hill — Lincoln, UK

“The printed poster holds even more value in today’s digital age because nothing can replace the physicality of owning your own part of whatever it is that excites you. This can also be seen in the recent surge in sales of vinyl records (even though a significant percentage of the consumers don’t own a record-player). In a time when everything functional is disappearing into the cloud or online, people are increasingly using the extra space in their homes to curate their own museum of novelty items that reflect the tastes and personalities of their owners.”

Stuart Hill is a freelance illustrator and designer from the Lincolnshire flats. Which might explain his fear of and fascination with mountains. He studied illustration at the University of Lincoln and graduated in 2014. He likes printed textures, hand-made type and riding his bike! And he specialises in editorial illustrations, typography and making maps. He has worked with such UK and international companies as Proctor & Clarke, Life and Style and Autoweek Magazine.

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