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StudioCHU – Julian Pablo Manzelli — Buenos Aires, Argentina

“My style has developed through a process of constant experimentation, exploring concepts and modes of expression, and finding the street to be the perfect channel for my work.”

Born in Buenos Aires, CHU’s early influences came from skateboarding culture, animation, comics, traveling and an enduring interest in biology. Rooted in a belief of self reliance, trial & error and based on collaboration with others, his body of work can be described as a long journey towards abstraction where his own characters are deconstructed as science meets art. When CHU is not painting on the street or in his studio, you will find him making wood and mixed media sculptures, producing and directing animations, or experimenting with large scale public art and installations, either as personal projects or with DOMA, an artist collective which he co-founded and have collaborated with since 1998.

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