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Studio Claus Due — Copenhagen, Denmark

With so many magazines going digital these days, how and why do you think that printed publications might still survive? “There is an absorption, a slowness, to books that I think that people appreciate in their lives right now. If a skillful book designer does books, you will end up with this wonderful object to have and to hold in your home. Things seem very superficial online and will eventually disappear – books and magazines are here to stay.”

Studio Claus Due is a Copenhagen-based graphic-design studio working with art and culture. It has a strong belief “in conceptual thinking and original ideas to design bespoke solutions for every assignment, regardless of the actual project scale. A constant dialogue with our clients is as essential to us as the physical act of designing.” Claus Due was founded in 2002 under the name Designbolaget and has been recognised with numerous international awards.

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