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Studio Lindhorst-Emme — Berlin, Germany

“I would compare it to books. You can have an e-book, but it is just not the same as a hard-copy one. A printed poster, visible in the street, is communicating with people in a very direct and physical way. By using digital posters, you can be very creative, but they will never replace a normal printed poster. Do not under-rate traditions and materiality. To design a poster is one of the few ways for a graphic designer to create some kind of art. The poster has established itself as an independent art medium.”

Poster design, book design and typography are the main focus of German studio Lindhorst-Emme. Most of the media products are art- or culture-based, such as photo-books, posters and artist’s catalogues. Sven Lindhorst-Emme studied graphic design and moved to Berlin in 2011, where he founded Studio Lindhorst-Emme in the same year. He also teaches book design and typography at the Lette-Verein Berlin.

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