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Studio Moonchild — Anacathie & Freakyfir — Singapore

“One of the biggest difference is the physical aspect. While it is definitely more tiring, there’s just something very soothing, honest and humbling about being faced with a huge wall armed with only a couple of spray cans. It’s quite a therapeutic and self-reflective experience, similar to something one would experience when climbing a mountain. There’s also the excitement and uncertainty of facing a new wall, never knowing if we can pull off what we visualise. Having said all that, the end result is always satisfying; we get to leave our mark and, hopefully, the public can appreciate our work.”

Studio Moonchild is the collaborative effort of two Singaporean artists, known as Anacathie and Freakyfir. After a long time working together as artists in toy and game production companies, they have found a way to express themselves as one entity, through graffiti and street art.

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