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Studio TERP — Sonja Kuijpers — Eindhoven, The Netherlands

“Numbers have always been tricky for me: what do they stand for and how are they related to me as a person? I often have to think really hard. That’s why I love it when I can change these numbers into visuals, then they come alive and I grasp the meaning of them: their patterns, their outliers, their story as a whole. Creating infographics and data visualisation is a way of making sense of something in a human fashion, showing insights as well as the beauty of information and data.”

Studio TERP was founded and is run by Sonja Kuijpers. She designs data visualisation and infographics so as to visually guide people through challenging data that otherwise would be difficult to understand. While the message remains the top priority, she also strives to bring aesthetics and novelty into a project, believing that there’s always room to explore unconventional solutions and new approaches.

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