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This Is My B World Studio — Athens, Greece

"I think that good design should extract bold emotions from the viewer/user, but also a focused design process adds a lot of depth and value to the result. I love to be creative as a person so doing it as a profession is a blessing; it is like magic sometimes when forms pop out on a blank page."

The Athens-based artist known simply as "b." started out doing graffiti back in 1996 and graduated from the University of Thessaly with a degree in architecture in 2009. Since then, he has worked as an architect and, when the spirit moves him, as a street artist. He has presented his work in numerous international exhibitions, festivals and special commissions. In his self-created studio, This Is My B World, he works across a wide selection of projects from architecture and illustration to designing the personal symbols to be seen on the walls of the Greek capital.

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