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Thomas Henry Burden — Chichester, UK

“The main problem I find with a maximalist approach is how long it takes to create a piece. Being a commercial illustrator, I always have to work to really tight deadlines, so I’ve developed my style with these in mind. Traditional 3D modelling and sculpting can take ages, but as I don’t want my work to look ‘real’, I can process it much faster. I like to create my own stylized versions of real-world objects that are a lot quicker to model, and have more personality, too. Adjusting/balancing all the elements, textures, colours and lighting can still take a considerable while though, so I re-use a lot of settings and materials to save time.”

British illustrator and art director Thomas Burden describes his work as “1960s and ’70s National Geographic meets 1980s toy catalogue”. It is filled with colour, large type and a playful vibe. Since graduating from Camberwell College of Art’s Graphic Design Department, Burden has been very busy – designing everything from book covers to ad campaigns, magazine editorials to packaging, animations, websites, stage visuals, building projections and even the entire exterior of a Beirut shopping mall.

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