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Turnstyle — Seattle/Portland

There is a recent TV commercial for a car that has been re-designed. It has had its logo badge removed and a host asks people what they think of the car. Everyone is very impressed and assumes it’s a high-end vehicle with a European sports-car pedigree. At the end of the commercial, it’s revealed that the car is a Chevrolet. When the logo badge is revealed, you really feel a sense of let-down. It’s a great illustration of how much your brand can influence perceptions of value. We would re-design Chevy’s oversized, overwrought logo and accompanying identity system to better reflect the carmaker’s new approach to design and quality.

Turnstyle is a Seattle-based branding and design studio with “a passion for brand communications that connect on an emotional and visceral level”. It claims to “deliver on informed strategic thinking with impeccable execution because that’s where the analytical rubber meets the emotional road. In short, we breathe life into businesses and products by infusing clever thinking into highly crafted designed deliverables.”

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