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Typozon — New York, USA

What makes a good promotional design? “You need to connect with people; of course the aesthetics are important, but if there is not story behind them people just think it is beautiful, or ugly or cute, but when people can understand the idea behind it or they connect with the shape and the colours, if they see something that belongs to them, they will believe in whatever you propose and then they will put an emotional value on it and maybe they will share it with others, since that’s the idea of promotional design.”

Typozon is a brand and identity design studio based in New York City. It says it “develops brand and strategy and distills messages, crafting a unique visual voice for every project. Empathy is fundamental to our process. We build relationships and gather insight through conversations, workshops and research to develop strategic design. With nuanced graphic and typographic approaches, we craft distinctive and energetic solutions at all scales of visual communication.”

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