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Vanya Dudchenko — Kiev, Ukraine

“I love working with large formats and monumental forms. When working with a large format, I try to create maximum expression with simple shapes and combinations. When creating a colour palette, I start from the entourage of the drawing I have outlined and the idea that it shows. It is important to integrate your work appropriately into the city’s exterior.In general, I strive for experiments on non-standard objects, where the location of the picture gives it dynamics and additional meaning, be it a column, door, monument, etc.”

Vanya Dudchenko was born and raised in the south of Ukraine in the city of Kherson, where she received secondary education at the Lyceum of Arts. In 2007 she moved to Kyiv and entered the National University of Technology and Design, specialising in graphic/advertising design. Since 2009, she has been working in the field of graphic design and advertising in studios and agencies. In addition to constant practice in graphic design she says she likes to draw, to work with visual fine art and images. “I love simplicity in almost everything,” she claims. “One of my mottos is ‘simplicity is not easy’.”

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