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IdN Extra 07: Infographics — Designing Data

Using graphics to convey information has long been a fundamental design challenge. How do you get people to notice and absorb data that may in itself be quite mundane — but that it is necessary for them to know, as well as making it beautiful? In this special issue, we present more than 120 examples of this all-important design genre.


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ISBN: 978-988-15950-2-7
Size: 210mm(w) X 270mm(h)
Pages: 152 pages

When a database becomes a thing of beauty

Infographics or information graphics are visual representations of information, data or knowledge. They are often used when complex information needs to be presented as quickly and effectively as possible, such as signs and maps. Infographics can be as simple as a bar chart or a pie graph to represent percentages in business information; or as elaborative as some of the examples in this book to communicate stories in newspapers and magazine.

Infographics can be entertaining when the information they represent is of personal interest; but it is especially fun and challenging when the topic may be as dry as representing concepts in technical manuals or scientific statics.

About IdN Extra:

As a continuation of its mission to amplify and unify the global design community, IdN is publishing a series of special editions (entitled IdN Extra) that explore in-depth a particular theme or project.

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