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IdN v22n5: Promotion & Production Feature — Long Live Print

As primarily a printed magazine, we are wedded to the medium and do everything in our power to enhance this marriage "until death us do part". There have been a lot of bumps along the way, but we are delighted to find that we have somehow survived the digital tsunami and that now, more and more companies are following in our footsteps. As the old saying has it, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

Feature: Promotion & Production — Long Live Print

Collectibility is the new watchword — and not only for books and magazines. Superbly printed packaging is also carving out a considerable niche for itself. The uses to which multiple printing techniques can be put when exercised on limitless types of paper are once again proving a big draw for creative artists.

We have gathered together 14 of them to share their thoughts on the matter with you, and to display some of the work of which they are proudest. We all dig digital and have had our flings with it, but print is our true love and we hope to inspire you to form your own long-lasting partnerships.

Benoit Ollive | Reynolds & Reyner | Man Alive Creative | Studio Lin | Yurko Gutsulyak | John Barton | Belinda Love Lee | Emily Macrae | Them Design Ltd. | Olena Fedorova | Calvin Tan | Atelier Ben&JO | byHAUS | Lucas Machado

Motion Gallery: Event & Festival Promos — Seeking a Promotion

Making a short, grabby video to plug a particular event — be it an awards show, a conference, a movie premiere or a political rally — has one big advantage over other forms of promotion: you can keep it simple and have lots of fun doing it. No need to incorporate other aspects of a brand or cram in stacks of info. Within a necessarily condensed format, the digital artist is free to express himself/herself in a way that movies with other end-uses in mind cannot allow. At least, that is the consensus of the three creative units we have interviewed on your behalf.

Glassfin | OddOne | Tony Zagoraios and more!

Creative Country: Italy — "Made In Italy" still a marque of sophistication and quality

For a country the very shape of which — a woman’s high-heeled boot — seems to sum up its unique historical relationship with fine art and design, the past, and a perceived need to live up to it, could have become a millstone round its neck. Not so in the case of Italy. From our conversations with seven leading local designers, we get the impression that they are all justifiably proud of their heritage and anxious to forge their own links in a long chain. They have a confidence born of the all-conquering success of their forebears that they, too, have something significant to contribute.

Andrea Guccini | Elisa Vendramin | Artiva Design | vacaliebres | IDRO51 | Francesca Pasini | OfficeMilano


Mainstudio | How Sok Hwee | FBA | The Folks Studio | Hectica

Et cetera — Pick of the Month

Trapped in Suburbia | Robert Seidel | nju:comunicazione | Leslie David | Claesson Koivisto Rune Architects | Lee Goater | Noor Aghar | Steffen Knoell | Atelier Bingo


Motion Gallery: Event & Festival Promo
Feature: Fit to Print
Creative Country: Italy
Et cetera/Pick of the Month


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