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Ash Thorp — Ender’s Game (1:45)

Motion graphic reel for movie Ender’s Game

Lead Graphics Designer: Ash Thorp
Lead Motion Graphics Artist: Jayse Hansen
Motion Graphics Concept Animator: Ryan Cashman
Motion Graphics Animator: Navarro Parker
Motion Graphics Animator/Reel Title Animation: Alasdair Willson
Lead Motion Graphics Artist: Paul Beaudry/G-creative
Reel Edit: Franck Deron
Film Director: Gavin Hood
Digital Domain VFX Supervisor: Matthew E Butler
Production Designers: Ben Procter and Shawn Haworth
G-Creative Supervisor: Gladys Tong

The Four Seasons / Recomposed by Max Richter (2/4)
Final compositing by Digital Domain and Goldtooth Creative
©Oddlot Entertainment / ©Summit Entertainment

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