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Ben&Julia — Outback Steakhouse - 12 Days of Leftovers (3:12)

Head into Outback Steakhouse for a delicious topped steak!

Holidays come and go, and then you're stuck with leftovers. Crusty, Fuzzy, Icky, Slimy Leftovers--and those are the ones you can recognize. Take a break from holiday leftovers this season, and head into Outback Steakhouse for a delicious topped steak instead.

Directors: Ben & Julia
Agency: Deutsch New York
Client: Outback Steakhouse
Production: Hornet Inc.
Art Direction & Puppets: Ben&Julia Studio
Puppet making assistant: David Huckert
Executive Producer: Jan Stebbins
Producer: Zack Kortright
Line Producer: Joel Kretschman
Editor: R.J. Glass & Anita Chao
Director of Photography: Ivan Abel
Gaffer: Michael Yetter
1st AC: Nathan Spengler
Best Boy: Casey Wooden
Key Grip: Mike Farino
2nd Grip: Leo Schott
Props assistant: David Huckert
Set fabricators: Tim McDonald, Nathan Asquith, Connie Chan
VTR: Jon Osterman
Puppeteer: James Godwin
Compositors: Ali Kocar, Peter Fink
PA: Tim Kuhl, Dean Ford

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