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Ben&Julia — Traffic Signs & Jake The Rapper – Cookie Jar (2:17)

Cookie Jar tells the story of the Cookie Girls, Shannon and her sister Krystal, and their attraction for Jake The Rapper’s little friend, Young Belly.

Directors: Ben&Julia
Artists: Steve Bug/Traffic Signs & Jake The Rapper

Label: Poker Flat Recodings

Produced and designed by Ben&Julia Studio

Dancer: Diana Palm

3D Belly Animation & Rig: Niels Jansson

Stylist: Larissa Bechtold

Nail Artist: Effy Nails/Fingerbang Berlin

Make up artist: Jana Kalgajeva/Fingerbang Berlin

Gaffer: Brian Apteiker

Assistant AD: Jonathan Beutel, Laure Gaillard & Leonardo Gonzales

Design/Post production: Ben&Julia Studio

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