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Glassfin — Merdeka 2014 (1:14)

Video about how history is the most valuable treasure a nation has

Director: Bryan Ngooi
Talent: Shafiqah Bay
Design Artist: Bryan Ngooi, Banjamio Khoo, Shafiqah Bay

"A nation's greatness is determined by the importance given on her history. History is the most valuable treasure a nation has. It is a vault of experiences. A great nation is one that goes through history and learn from it. A nation that does not learn from history will continuously repeat her mistakes, which will end up with the collapse of her society. From history will we learn to honour and value ourselves." - Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, July 07, 1992 - Majlis Pelancaran Memorial Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra

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