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Max Hattler — Spin (3:56)

"A complex choreography of re-animated figures moving to the exquisitely synchronised command of a master manipulator."

Director: Max Hattler
Producer: Nicolas Schmerkin
Associate Producer: Max Hattler
Editing: Tony Fish, Max Hattler
Editing Consultants: Noriko Okaku, Nicolas Schmerkin
Head of 2D Animation: Noriko Okaku
Animation: Noriko Okaku, Albert Papaseit, Enrik Pavdeja, Tom Schwarz, Milad Firoozian, Max Hattler
Technical Directors: Enrik Pavdeja, Tom Schwarz, Anshul Pendse
3D Modelling and Rendering: Milad Firoozian, Enrik Pavdeja, Tom Schwarz, Anshul Pendse, Stoyan Dimitrov, Julien Rancoeur, Flavio Perez
Compositing: Max Hattler, Noriko Okaku, Enrik Pavdeja, Tom Schwarz, Anshul Pendse, Papaya Gonzales, Julien Michel
2D Scanning and Artwork: Rodrigo Vives, Olivier Guillaume Simpson
3D Scanning: 2h3D Ltd
Music and Sound: Eclectic
Production Management: Emilie Jacobs, Flavio Perez, Nicolas Schmerkin
Administration de production: Elsa Chevallier, Noémie Jardin, Amiel Roux
Produced by Autour de Minuit
Co-produced by Arcadi
With the participation of Centre National de la Cinématographie (financial contribution)
With the participation of QOOB
Visa d’exploitation N° 121 995
Available formats: Full HD digital file, Beta SP, DigiBeta, DVD
Length: 4 min
Year: 2010

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