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Nicolas Pomet — [IN]CLOSURE Architecture Video (Sample) (6:17)

This sample is from the original video produced by ABF-lab through the Design Ideas Competition for the next 50 in Seattle

Music is from a video game, The Sims, copyright: EA™ Games
Art direction & direction: Nicolas Pomet, Paulin Girard & Jeremy Tosseghini
Script: Paul Azzopardi, Noé Basch & Etienne Feher (ABF-Lab)
Storyboarding: Nicolas Pomet, Paulin Girard, Jeremy Tosseghini, Paul Azzopardi, Noé Basch & Etienne Feher
3D animation: Paulin Girard
2D animation: Jeremy Tosseghini & Nicolas Pomet
Camera Operation and Shooting: Nicolas Pomet
Hand appearing in the video: Jeremy Tosseghini
Editing: Nicolas Pomet
Compositing: Nicolas Pomet
Producers: Paul Azzopardi, Noé Basch & Etienne Feher (ABF-Lab)

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