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Passion Pictures — Dove Men Care 'Risk of Malfunction' (0:30)

Dove Deodorant for Men Commercial

Client: Unilever
Product: Body Wash, Deodorant, Shampoo
Agency: BBH
Creatives: Nick Allsop
Agency Producer: Helen Powlette
Director: John Robertson
Producer: Julie Murnaghan / Gerri McCarthy
Production Assistant: Mariano Melman
Executive Producer: Samantha Plaistead
Production coordinator: Wassila Lmouaci
Storyboard and Design: John Robertson, Giles Dill, James Duveen, Samuel Stephenson, Perrie Murphy
Head of CG: Jason Nicholas
CG Animation: Nora O'Sullivan; Rodrigo Torres, Anita Corcoran, Mark Brown
Lead Character Modelling: Mattias Bjurstrom
Rigging: Jorge Bellot, Chris Dawson
Prop Modelling: Mattias Bjurstrom
VFX Artists: Augusto Lombardi
Render Wrangler: Colin Perrett, Ian Brown, Jamie Franks, Simon Brown
Lead Compositor: John Taylor, Rob Ward
Compositing: Johnny Still, Chris Walker, Luke Carpenter, Andy Hague
Software used: Softimage XSI,Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, 3DS Max
Editors: Anne Monnehay, Tim King

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