Francesco Pace — Paccheri Family — Napoli, Italy

Celebration of the symbolic and traditional Italian cuisine

Through the use of porcelain, a material that tells a long and lasting habit about communion and diversity, my project celebrates the symbolic and traditional Italian cuisine. The porcelain brings inside an imaginary of elegant and sophistication, research for details and fine workmanship, which binds perfectly to the culture of pasta that is carefully crafted and respect for tradition. What is hidden behind the simple shape of pasta are centuries refinement of a tradition that links its roots in a land full of history and culture. The study of the shape, in its elegance and simplicity, brings in the domestic space the act of pouring pasta, through the iconic and symbolic elements; methodically designed to attend the function. The object becomes a celebration of its content. The porcelain, like pasta, is a historical and deep-rooted tradition. This is why compare the two main elements, pasta and porcelain, seem to complement each other.

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