• Artwork and Packaging for “Koralle” by Vuptes
    Artwork and Packaging for “Koralle” by Vuptes

    Tobias Zarges is an Illustrator, Graphic Designer, Animator, Musician and Game Designer. He has created the Artwork and Packaging for “Koralle”, the first EP by Vuptes. Koralle is now available as pieces of driftwood with a downloadcode wrapped around it. Each one is handpicked, colored and packed in a bag with additional artwork. Limited Edition of 100.

  • Studio Havakook – Adam Havakook
    Studio Havakook – Adam Havakook

    Adam Havakook is an alumni of the prestigious Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem, Israel. He gained experience working with Israel's top fashion companies, marketing agencies and start-ups. Adam specialises in deconstructing the essence of different businesses to create cutting-edge visualisation for special campaigns as well as ongoing visual strategy for busineses.

  • Sofia Bártolo – Graphic Design
    Sofia Bártolo – Graphic Design

    Sofia Bártolo is a portuguese graphic designer and illustrator who is currently based in Stockholm. At 25, she has had ample experience working for renowned creative agencies including BBDO and EURO RSCG as well as taking on freelance projects for studios such as Lo Siento in Barcelona. Sofia has been exhibiting internationally including Portugal and Spain, and more recently Mexico!

  • Michele Franzese – Fashion Specialist
    Michele Franzese – Fashion Specialist

    Michele Franzese is an italian graphic artist, art & creative director, marketing & communication specialist especially in the fashion sector. Michele Franzese has received numerous design awards including: Gran Prix della Pubblicità, MTV U-Load and Key Awards to name a few.

  • Lorem Ipsum Studio
    Lorem Ipsum Studio

    Lorem Ipsum is an independent design studio based in Belgrade, Serbia specialized in graphic design, typography and illustration. The studio emerged from the need to rethink the role of design out of the lifestyle context, as far removed from the logic of the market. One of their latest projects is Kabinet Brewery – one of a very few privately owned craft breweries in Serbia.

  • "The Man Who Grows Objects" Campaign by Markmus Design Studio

    Markmus Design Studio had recently co-worked with illustrator Philip Zurmöhle and Stefan Kleeberger to create a campaign based on Thomas Land, "The Man Who Grows Objects". The campaign is a promotion for the product design event "Frisches Design" (Fresh Design) which takes place in Nuremberg every year since 2011. The theme for this year is "efficient design", and the studio wanted to make a wink to how objects and products are produced nowadays – to inspire production with a much more conscious mind.

  • Dan Lish 'Ego Strip'
    Dan Lish 'Ego Strip'

    'Ego Strip' is an ongoing art tribute to Hip Hop legends and pioneers that have inspired British artist Dan Lish over the past 30 years. Bambatta, Kool Herc and DJ Premier are just a few of the people that Dan has placed in his fantasy world of robots and strange creatures while celebrating their influence and contribution to the Hip Hop culture.

  • MAT Design – Mehmet Ali Türkmen
    MAT Design – Mehmet Ali Türkmen

    Mehmet Ali Türkmen is a graphic designer based in Istanbul. He graduated from the academy of fine arts at Marmara University, Istanbul in 1990. And he is a member of both GMK (Turkish Society of Graphic Design) since 1988 and the AGI (Alliance Graphique Internationale) since 2009. His posters are featured in the permanent collections of the Museum fur Gestaltung Zurich and Poster Collection Colorado State University, Fort Collins

  • SEA ME: A rug made of sea algae
    SEA ME: A rug made of sea algae

    During the Dutch Design Week Studio Nienke Hoogvliet presented her new project: SEA ME. A rug made of sea algae yarn, knotted by hand in an old fishing net. Capturing the contrast between the polluting plastic waste issues and the beautiful things the sea has to offer. Nienke Hoogvliet wanted to draw attention to this rather new material. A yarn made of sea algae could perhaps offer a solution for the sustainability issues in the textile industry.

  • Skateographie by John Rebaud
    Skateographie by John Rebaud

    Born in 1980, John Rebaud is a freelance graphic designer based in Herblay, France. He has recently created series of illustrations called 'Skateographie'. These skateboraring art prints are avilable for at €10.00 only! Get them before they run out!

  • Create a Christmas cover for Stack magazine!
    Create a Christmas cover for Stack magazine!

    Come and make something new for Stack in this Christmas! Wonder what will happen if independent magazines released their own Christmas covers? Here is the chance! You are invited to create a Christmas cover for your favorite Stack magazine, and the winning artist will receive a free year’s subscription to Stack, plus a £150 cash prize to help take care of their Christmas shopping. Check out the details now!

  • 'Made You Look' by Look and Yes
    'Made You Look' by Look and Yes

    Made You Look is a documentary about the UK DIY graphic arts scene of the 21st century. Via candid interviews with top British creatives, publishers and agency owners we explore the fact that more people than ever seem to be turning to analogue means of creating things, even though we are living at the height of the digital era. Co-Director Anthony Peters and his team have been working away for a year on the film, which features interviews with Fred Deakin (Airside/Lemon Jelly), Anthony Burrill, Hattie Stewart, Ian Stevenson, Kate Moross, Adrian Johnson, Pete Fowler, It’s Nice That, Nobrow and many others!

  • “Mystics” Etxeberria by Paco Peregrín for Fucking Young!
    “Mystics” Etxeberria by Paco Peregrín for Fucking Young!

    Paco Peregrín is a photographer based in Madrid, Spain. He has photographed and art-directed high-profile campaigns for global brands in the likes of Dior, Chanel, Saint Laurent, L'Oréal Paris, Nike, Diesel, Adidas, Lee, Levi's to name a few. His latest project “Mystics”, is a new series featuring the Spring/Summer 2015 collection by spanish designer Etxeberria, presented during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week New York. Catch the full story at "Fucking Young"

  • Ronzo Beats Characters for Dr. Dre
    Ronzo Beats Characters for Dr. Dre

    Ronzo (a.k.a Vandal Extraordinaire) is a London based artist and adventurists rooted in the phenomenon known as 'Street Art'. His latest colloboration is with Dr. Dre where he developed, sketched, drew and designed his brand new Beats Characters. These 'funsters with attitude' can now be seen on posters, animations and music videos across all media channels around the globe!

  • Designers that believe brands can be Something More.
    Designers that believe brands can be Something More.

    Three designers from Elmwood have created Something More, a multidiscipline design studio based in Leeds. Stephen Woowat, Simon Morrow and Jon Stubley – former Design Directors and Managing Partner of Elmwood Leeds, have a combined experience of over 35 years in brand design. “We are built on a simple idea... We believe every brand, big or small, should be a wonderful experience”.

  • Le TYRSAMISU by Tyrsa & Liberté
    Le TYRSAMISU by Tyrsa & Liberté

    The arts of pastry-making and typography came together at LIBERTÉ to present you a touch of sweetness engraved with dark chocolate tones: the TYRSAMISU. In collaboration with the graphist Tyrsa, Benoît Castel reinterprets the tiramisu by revisiting three recipes that are as savory as they are graphical. The Tyrsamisu, an artistic collaboration by LIBERTÉ.

  • Box Elder Co. UT by Anthony Gerace
    Box Elder Co. UT by Anthony Gerace

    Box Elder Co. UT is a case study in entropy and decline: How a community that has so much history can still have that history rendered null by the encroachment of desert, salt and heat, and the disinterest of community. By tracing a path from habitation, in Brigham City, to the skeletons of towns that no longer exist, such as Locomotive Springs, and finally to the scrubland desert and salt flats edging the Great Salt Lake, via three historic sites—the Spiral Jetty, Promontory Summit, and Bear River Bird Refuge—the project seeks to explain how history can fail and become meaningless in the face of nature's absoluteness.



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