• EVILTWIN by Anastasia Fokina and Paolo Testa
    EVILTWIN by Anastasia Fokina and Paolo Testa

    It all starts with the voice inside your head, with the reality that twists and turns and moves around. There's always somebody else looking at you from inside and there's a constant conversation with your friend and your enemy. EVILTWIN is a collaboration between photographer Paolo Testa and art director Anastasia Fokina – focused on the play between light and dark, shapes and positions, meanings of a melting reality inside our heads. Make-up artist: Carolina Antonini / Styling: Andrew Franco

  • Hugo Ribeiro – Design Studio
    Hugo Ribeiro – Design Studio

    Hugo Ribeiro Design Studio aims to be a platform for the provision of designing environments, designing furniture, accessories, lighting and consulting. This will be a forum for generating ideas, innovation, transforming spaces and designing new concepts. Speciality from the studio showed a taste for various types of materials, combining them in different ways and combining the color to create appealing objects and large contraste.


    Bomk's first edition of Aérotik sculptures, a series of collectable figures that come in Pink or Black is available for purchase starting 26 FEB, 2015! All pieces were entirely handmade by Bomk himself, each new statue bearing unique marks of mastic polishing, drill sculpting and spray or brush painting. From conception, to creation and packaging this is a fully studio-made creation.

  • Studio Dessuant Bone desgins 'Honor' Coffee Shop
    Studio Dessuant Bone desgins 'Honor' Coffee Shop

    Nestled in the courtyard of Comme Des Garcon’s Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré store in Paris, Studio Dessuant Bone has designed ‘Honor’, an outdoor independent specialty coffee shop. Studio Dessuant Bone, has designed the kiosk space along with bespoke furniture and a tailored visual identity.

  • Umbrella Design creates branding and space design for MILLK
    Umbrella Design creates branding and space design for MILLK

    MILLK is India’s first pleasure (play & leisure) center in Mumbai, that caters to both children and their parents. Spread over 8000 sq. ft. it boasts a play gym for children, along with a café and spa for adults. “It was a great task to work on MILLK as it was necessary to appeal to both children and parents. But, it turned out to be an exciting and memorable experience.” - Ramnathkar, Founder, Umbrella Design.

  • Laho – Graphic Design
    Laho – Graphic Design

    Laho (Lola Tinnirello) is a french graphic artist evolving in various fields such as illustration, graphic design, art direction, textile design and scenography. She's working alone or in collaboration and finds her inspiration into a huge and mysterious universe, composed of sacred mountains, interstellar animals and other colorful quirks.

  • A new Dinesen universe in Copenhagen by OeO
    A new Dinesen universe in Copenhagen by OeO

    In a never ending aspiration for the extraordinary, Dinesen has recently opened a new showroom in Copenhagen. The refined universe with wood of the finest quality celebrates the new Dinesen collections and is designed by Danish design studio OeO. Dinesen originates from a strong passion for wood, creative culture and the extraordinary. Throughout five generations of the Dinesen family, the driving force has been the high quality and not least the pursuit of new possibilities.

  • Brandon agency art directs for Simple Restaurant
    Brandon agency art directs for Simple Restaurant

    Brandon agency, based in Odessa, Ukraine was recently involved with the naming, branding, concept development and interior design for restaurant of simple and unusual food from local seasonal products – named "Simple". Working together with architect Anna Domovesova, this project has already received a number of awards including silver in Ukrainian competition Interior of the Year and bronze in ADC*UA Awards.

  • NEMA Prod launches new sister agency: NEMA Print
    NEMA Prod launches new sister agency: NEMA Print

    The year is off to a great start for the young production company NEMA Prod and its two founders: Charly Cuvillier and Thomas Correia, with the launch of a new sister agency: NEMA Print. Consisting of a small, versatile and very talented team, the agency wishes to touch several domains: luxury, fashion and nature. Since the inception of NEMA Prod, the two founders quickly felt that there was a real need and demand from the advertising market to combine productions mixing still and motion photography.

  • CO.ME – Creativity by Stretegy
    CO.ME – Creativity by Stretegy

    Studio CO.ME, based in Treviso, Italy is a communication studio that focuses on strategy before creativity. It is responsible for the design works of many clients spanning multiple industries and disciplines including Mondo Sports, AutoGrill, Alfa Romeo, Piron, Fiat, Jeep and the list goes on!

  • Patric Sandri – Illustrator
    Patric Sandri – Illustrator

    Patric Sandri is an illustrator from Zurich, Switzerland. He has tremendous abilities as shown in his series of illustrations for ETH Zurich for the "Critical Thinking" Program. Apart from ETH Zurich has worked for Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Diogenes, Du Magazin, Hochparterre, Das Magazin, Neue Zürcher Zeitung, Süddeutsche Zeitung, Times Higher Education, and among others.

  • "Trespassing" by Ole Brodersen

    Ole Brodersen is an art photographer, working primarily in the archipelago surrounding Lyngør, situated between Tvedestrand and Risør in Norway. The series “Trespassing” explores encounters between human and nature. Human-made objects are placed into a landscape, where their interactions with the natural elements are recorded. Forces of wind, currents and waves are harnessed and the unfoldings in these encounters are recorded; how nature composes and rearranges these objects.

  • Toward a Reggae Hall of Fame: Celebrating Great Jamaican Music
    Toward a Reggae Hall of Fame: Celebrating Great Jamaican Music

    The organizers and Jury panel of the 3rd International Reggae Poster Contest (IRPC) 2014, are excited to announce the 2014 winning entries. With a total of 1010 submissions, 646 designers from 79 countries, the contest winners were chosen from 444 finalists by a distinguished jury panel – 1st Place: Andreas Wikström, Sweden, 2nd Place: Avi Marciano, United States, 3rd Place: Dariush Allahyari, Iran. The objective of the International Reggae Poster Contest is to reinforce awareness for Reggae music and celebrate its positive impact on the world.

  • The ED-Awards 2015 submission period is now open!
    The ED-Awards 2015 submission period is now open!

    Each year the European Design Awards celebrate excellence in the fields of print, web and exhibition design, illustration, packaging, mobile apps and motion graphics. With 35 available categories, the ED-Awards are the most prestigious and comprehensive awards organisation to recognise and promote your work. Initially a joint effort by 15 communication design magazines from across the continent, the ED-Awards have expanded to include a vibrant online collaboration by editors of digital design publications. The deadline is 20 FEB, 2015!

  • Netdiver Best of the Year 2014
    Netdiver Best of the Year 2014

    After 5 years hiatus. It’s back! The Netdiver Best of the Year reboots its tradition – and the great news? It’s a stellar listing. Netdiver Best of the Year is the long awaited release of featured projects / talents who made a lasting impression in the previous year(s).

  • TYPODARIUM 2016 – Call for Entries
    TYPODARIUM 2016 – Call for Entries

    The deadline to submit your latest typefaces for the typographic tear-off calendar TYPODARIUM 2016 has been extended until 23 JAN, 2015. Every type designer or font label is invited to contribute to this project with their latest typefaces. Register at www.typodarium.de and choose up to 5 days and upload the requested files. Every participant whose typefaces gets printed will receive a calendar for free. After the call for entries has been closed, a renowned jury will judge all entries.



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