Teo Pirisi aka Moneyless (Milan, Italy)

"The line for me is a sort of guideline to follow, something that takes me and makes me grow. Clean lines in constant motion."


Teo Pirisi aka Moneyless (Milan, Italy)


Often described as dramatic or haunting, the work of Italian street artist Teo Pirisi aka Moneyless employs string or skeins of wool instead of paint and has been seen in a series of interventions around the world. His pseudonym Moneyless comes from the fact that he makes art without any budget, starting from raw, salvaged and often poor-quality materials. Pirisi has chosen to abandon lettering for pure geometric shapes and has adopted a fine-art approach unusual in this genre.

Teo Pirisi aka Moneyless (Milan, Italy)

IdN v19n3: The Line Issue p26-27

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