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Todot Design — Macau

"To express the emotional content of local [Macau] film City Maze, we combined Chinese calligraphy with images in a new way. The design is full of Chinese elements, which act as iconic signatures that signal the film’s origins. The color, typeface, and layout are all well suited to attract huaren [Chinese-speaking] consumers."

Todot Design is a Macau-based design group with creativity, technique, and commercial capabilities that provides unique and diverse design services to its clients. The design group was founded on the belief that everything starts with a dot: a set of dots form a line, lines form a surface, and the movement of that surface forms a space; then, with different trends and elements, they can create different things within the different shapes. Todot Design’s philosophy is to link everything back to its origin, to design in a better way, always starting out from that very first dot.

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