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IdN Extra 09: Red Thread — Navigating the labyrinth of contemporary communication design

Red Thread looks inside the Communication Design program at Swinburne University of Technology, one of the premiere programs of its kind internationally. The book focuses on the ground breaking Industry Placement program and the Honours curriculum, two components that make the course one of the most emulated for its excellence in design teaching and practice. Featuring interviews with a group of outstanding young Australian designers who have experienced the program, the book discusses the value of industry exposure in supporting the needs of industry and advancing its stakes. Essays by current staff address the program’s key emphases and its role in supporting designers transition to industry.


Adit Wardhana | Alex Ward | Anthony Nelson | Bianka Voigt | Daniel Peterson | Deanna German | Felicity Mitchem | Frankie Ratford | Jack Mussett & Dan Evans | John Wilson | Michael Mcmahon | Sash Fernando | Shivani Tyagi | Stephanie Mulder | Wade Jeffree | Carolyn Barnes | John Bassani | Andrew Kean | Bridgette Engeler Newbury | Keith Robertson | Simone Taffe | Nicki Wragg


ISBN: 978-988-15950-5-8
Size: 210mm(w) x 270mm(h)
Pages: 128 pages

15 interviews from designers + 6 Essays by current design educators

A succession of design educators has contributed to the formation of Swinburne’s communication design program, motivated by their sense of the possibility in design. Placing students in industry for a year of professional learning has provided a consistent litmus test for the effectiveness of the program. Maintaining strong links to the design industry has served to sharpen its vocational relevance. Design history and theory components have challenged students to understand the interaction between their individual actions and goals as designers and the larger socioeconomic, cultural and political structures within which design operates.

IdN Extra 09: Red Thread discuses with you the importance of education in the design industry. See how a well-known design program has forged a network of designers who have been studied in the program or contributed to it as industry employers or student mentors, and its impact on the creative economy and society.

About IdN Extra:

As a continuation of its mission to amplify and unify the global design community, IdN is publishing a series of special editions (entitled IdN Extra) that explore in-depth a particular theme or project.

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