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IdN v17n3: Eco-Graphics Issue — Let's Go Green

One simple motto - 'Buy and use only what you really need and then get rid of it properly when you have finished with it' - could make a huge difference in helping to reduce the mountain of waste that is threatening to destroy our eco-system. As those responsible, in one way or another, for most of the products we purchase, designers bear a heavy responsibility to make sure that our shopping is environmentally friendly. But many are worried about the supposed higher costs, the potential loss of clients and the restrictions on creativity that this might involve.


Motion Gallery: Ready… Get set… Go!
Feature: Yes, designers can save the planet
Creative Country: Boom time for Danish designers
Type Casting: Emil Bertell
Studio: Close encounters of a street-wise kind


102 pages
6 varying paper stocks
4C process, spot UV
80 minutes DVD Video included

Ready… Get set… Go!

From a morning jog to a lunchtime gym session to an after-work kickabout with friends in the park to a trip to the pub to watch a live football match, many of us find that our existence is dominated these days by sport. If we’re not taking part in it we’re watching it – or ads that feature it. And the sporting superstars can make even more money from endorsing various products and services then from their already generously awarded competitive careers. All this is music to the ears of the advertising industry, which increasingly uses sports-mania as a hook with which to grab viewer’s attention.


Addictive TV | Elastic | Ink Project | Jared Eberhardt | Motion Theory | Nexus | Rob Chiu | Universal Everything

Yes, designers can save the planet

We have found 22 designers and design units who, rather than shying away from such a challenge, have actively embraced it. They believe that eco-design is the only way to go and they are putting their money where their mouth is by dedicating themselves to sustainable practices in their design processes. We think you will be inspired - both their words and their work.


999 Design | Airside | Anna Garforth | Becky Redman | Ciclus | David Graas | De Designpolitie | Design by Mar | Giles Miller | i29 | Justin Gignac | Marco Martins | Narani Kannan | Paul Woods | Philippe Intraligi | Postcarden | Sanjeev Shankar | The Design Office | The Fun Theory | Thomas Matthews | Tom Wriggleworth & Matt Robinson | Treasured Trash

Creative Country: Boom time for Danish designers

Copenhagen is one of the world's most environmentally friendly cities and was a natural choice to host last year's UN Climate Change Conference. It is also something of a Utopia for creative industries such as design, art, architecture and cuisine. But as more and more talented people move there, the competition is becoming ever fiercer. Has this been a good or a bad development? We ask 11 leading Danish designers -- and also get them to tell us something about the scene in their country and their own work.


Kasper Pyndt | Rikke Otte | Philip Dam Roadley (Battin) | Flydende Lava Studio | Emil Hartvig Studio | Jakob Holmsberg Studio | Kriss Creol | The Emperor of Antarctica | Daddy Studio | Tarik Arnautovic | Viggo Morck

Type Casting

Emil Bertell's fonts and images both collide and co-exist in a truly unique fashion. He started creating his own type-faces when still at an art-oriented high school in the Finnish capital, Helsinki. Now he is parlaying this sharp eye for the effect that words and pictures can have on each other into a promising career.


Emil Bertell

Studio: Close encounters of a street-wise kind

Urban street art has been around for a couple of decades now, but high up on the list of its pioneers is the name of Eddy Desplanques aka WK Interact. His work has been appearing on building façades in downtown Manhattan since late 1990 and is now ubiquitous throughout New York City as well as being showcased through his collaborations with other artists and many well-known brands. To say nothing of his own Lower East Side gallery.


Eddy Desplanques aka WK Interact

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